Sp 22 Registration Starts on Nov 15: Need advising? For Ex Sci, contact Dr. Sokmen or Dr. Morimoto; for Interdisc/pre-OT, Dr. Carlton; for Lifetime Phys Activity, Dr. Ryuh. Helpful tools = Advising and Academic Requirements Reports, Seawolf Scheduler; and the advising sheets posted on this website.
KIN 430 discontinued: KIN 430B/D/E are no longer required for graduation. See your advisor to adjust your course planning and ensure you will meet graduation requirements.

Exploring human movement and its impacts on health, society and quality of life

Kinesiology studies human movement from multiple perspectives – biological, behavioral, and socio-cultural – to prepare students to lead and participate in a modern, complex society. Our graduates acquire the knowledge and experiences

  • to prepare for pre-professional training for physical therapy, occupational therapy, medicine, and other allied health fields
  • to pursue graduate study in exercise science, physical education, adapted physical education, sport management, and public health
  • to work in fitness and sport industries, teaching and coaching, and various allied-health settings

The Kinesiology Department at Sonoma State provides students with well-structured set of
curricular and co-curricular experiences, academic advising, and mentorship. Our current
and past students credit our small classes, teaching-focused faculty, proactive advising,
opportunities to engage in research, and meaningful field experiences for their positive
experience in Kinesiology.

Current SSU Students, are you interested in the Kinesiology major?

Check out our advising page for more information.