Applying for Graduation

  1. You must set up an appointment with your Major Advisor to go over your program and determine when you will be ready to apply. You advisor can review your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) with you and complete an ARR Update Form, if you are substituting a course for one of the major requirements. Current SSU student can apply to graduate online after completing 90 units, of which 15 units must be completed in residence at SSU.
  2. Please view the Registrar’s How Do I Apply Online To Graduate video for details on the online graduation application process. 
  3. Once you submit the graduation application, you should receive an email from the Registrar confirming receipt. NOTE: this does not guarantee that you will be able to graduate. You must complete additional steps.
  4. Complete the Stay on Track to Graduate Activity Guide, located on your To Do List in your Student Center. This is required to graduate.
  5. Speak with your advisor(s) to review your ARR and ensure you are on track to graduate. You will not be cleared for graduation if there are any outstanding requirements showing RED on your ARR.
  6. Check your SSU email regularly for graduation updates and reminders.

Other questions? Refer to the Graduation FAQ page


What's the difference between graduation and commencement? Graduation is the actual academic semester, or term, in which you officially and successfully complete all of your graduation requirements. You must apply for the term in which you plan to graduate. Once grades are posted, your record will be evaluated and if all requirements are met, your degree will be awarded.

For information on commencement ceremonies, please go to the commencement website.